HI MY NAME IS PETER GALGUT                                           



I am a medical scientist and clinician at London University, with a lifelong interest in alternative therapies and religions. Also a qualified Acupuncturist and a Homeopath, which I apply to my clinical practice, research and teaching.


FACTS ABOUT ME                                                                     

  • I am a dual citizen of U.K. and South Africa (don’t let the pale skin fool you).
  • I am a practising Clinical Periodontist with, I’m told, the sweet tooth of a child.
  • Extra baggage – Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Sc., BDS, MRD.RCS, LDS RCS, MFGDP (UK), DDF.Hom. FHEA CUEW
  • Music downloads? I still buy music CDs

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