Humming Your Way To Happiness


 A Journey
The Origins of Language and sound
Sacred Spheres
“The Music Of The Spheres”
Turning East

A Short History of Western Music Composition and Harmonic Theory

The Harmonic Spectrum
Music and Overtone singing
Music and Meditation
Circles and spirals

Different Traditions in Different Parts of the World

Central Asia
Australian Aborigines
Native American Indians
Regional variations

Introduction to Tuvinian Overtone singing

Origins and Background
A description of Overtone/Throat Singing
A Short History of Throat Singing
Mongolia and Siberia
Throat Singing in the West
Styles Of Tuva/Overtone Singing
Overtone Singing In Tibet
African Spiritual and Overtone Singing
Overtone Singing In Southern Africa:
Umngqokolo Ngomqangi.
The Science of Tuvinian overtone singing

Western Adaptations

How to “Do it Yourself”

How the professionals do it
How you can do it
Learning other styles
Getting technical
How to start doing it yourself
Some helpful tips

Singing and Humming Techniques

Solfege (Solfeggio)
Western Singing and Overtone Singing

Sounds, Music and Religions

The Body, Chakras & Religion
Sounds and Science
Jewish Traditions
Christian Traditions
The Power of Sound
Primordial Speech and Resonances

Sound Therapy

Health and Sound Therapy
Therapeutic Uses of Overtone Chants
How Sound Heals
Music Therapists
Can Sound Heal?

Sound Today

New Age Music and Therapy
High-Tech Solutions
Meditative sounds of silence
What Kind of Music Turns You on?

And Finally, “Do it Yourself”

The Journey Ends

Further Reading