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Sounds to promote sleeping and relaxation

Music for healthy living

Search for music using your voice by singing or humming

Free Relaxation Music
A selection of relaxation music downloads. Available to listen online or download for MP3

How to find your song by humming
Article on how to find a song using humming techniques

Buddhism Beliefs
This site provides proof for Buddhism beliefs that accord with our scientific and rational side.

Sound Sculptures
Listen to relaxing sounds of nature

Chants and Mantras
Sound clips of the many different Buddhist and Hindu chanting sytles of Om/Aum and various other devotional songs, chants, and mantras

Nature Sounds
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World Religions – Music
Religious chants

Codes to improve mind and body health
Telling Religious Chants, Mantras And Slogans in Our Regular Life Will Be Good for Mind And Body Health

Partners in Rhyme
Royalty-free music

Sacred Sounds
Audio meditations to buy on CD

Acoustic Ecology provides access to news, academic research, public policy advocates, and articles and essays about sound and listening

Religious Song Hits
Religious songs that have made the pop charts over the years

Free spiritual music downloads
This selection of free spiritual music can help to relax, calm the mind and enter into meditation.

Bliss Music
Discover how this unique meditation music can make you feel blissful within minutes

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includes most of the ebooks sold on the internet. Free for addition of one’s own ebooks.